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Benefits of Fishing for Your Health

When it comes to sports, you would think that fishing has very little impacts on your health. However, you would be wrong when you think that that is true. Like any other sports, fishing is very beneficial for your health.

There is a wide array of different benefits and advantages that you can get from fishing, especially for your health. This sport does not only benefit the health of your body, but it also benefits the health of your mind and soul. Here are some benefits of fishing for your health and wellness:

Full body workout

fishingNot many people realize this, but fishing is actually a full body workout, especially if you use paddle boards. Paddle boards are very fun to use for fishing.

Fishing is a physical activity like any other sports. It exercises your shoulders, arms, legs, back, and core to have the strength it needs when you are ready for the big catch. You will need to trek to your fishing spot, set up, cast off, and wind. That is all a workout for your upper and lower body. It is truly a full body workout.

Promotes immune system

When you go to fish, you will need to do it in the great outdoors where the sun is shining. Sunlight provides your body with vitamin D, even when the skies might be grey. Your body needs vitamin D to help regulate phosphate and calcium in your body so that it keeps your teeth and bones healthy. It also helps to boost your immune system and help your body fight against diseases. The best way to get a top-up of vitamin D is to be outdoors under the sun, and you can do that by fishing.

Improves respiratory and cardiovascular health

reelingFishing outdoors will increase your intake of fresh air. That fresh air is very healthy for your lungs. With the activities that you do in order to catch a fish, you can burn around two hundred calories an hour on average. And with all the work you do to reel in a fish, you will be putting your lungs and your heart to work. Hence, improving respiratory and cardiovascular health.

Reduces stress

Fishing not only improves physical health, but it also improves mental wellness. Fishing is a great activity to do for relaxation. It is a good escape and a good way to unplug. Being near water is a good and proven way to lower anxiety and reduce stress. Plus, being in the great outdoors also improves your concentration.