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Why Bike to Work is Worth it

Bike To Work movement is gaining more popularity these days. As an alternative to everyday commute by car, train, or other public transportations, bike to work is giving a new exciting experience in your daily routine. The bike companies nowadays even have launched various models of an electric bike which are more practical to use. If you have been thinking to join the bike to work movement, here we have listed down some excellent reasons why bike to work is worth it.

Boost Your Mood

What the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your daily commute? Being stuck in a traffic jam? Or maybe hours of waiting and hustling to get on public transportation? The morning commute will drain you even before you arrive at your workplace. And we can tell you that when you start your day already tired, you will feel not empowered thus not able to give the best of yourself. In the long run, it can even make you feel demotivated to start your daily activities. It is so different when you’re biking. You get to decide which way to take, and you will not get stuck in a traffic jam. You will arrive at your workplace feeling empowered. That way, you are starting your day with a fresh mind and ready to give the best version of yourself.

Good For Health

Biking is a good exercise for your body. Even though the calories burned is varied between each person,
This is good for people who keep saying that they don’t have the time to exercise. By following the bike to work movement, you will be automatically applied regularly up to five days a week. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Save Your Money

cashNot only biking is excellent is good for your health, but a bike to work will also help in saving your money. Using a bike means you don’t need to pay for gas and toll fee or public transportation fee. Also, a parking fee for the bike is usually a lot cheaper if not free. When you own a car, besides all the maintenance fee, you will also need to pay for a license fee and insurance fee. With a bike, all you need to spend is for bike maintenance which will not cost you a lot.

Also as a bonus point, you can now ditch your gym membership. Imagine paying a large sum of membership fee which you never use. By biking to work, you can enjoy your exercise for free.