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Why Bike to Work is Worth it

Bike To Work movement is gaining more popularity these days. As an alternative to everyday commute by car, train, or other public transportations, bike to work is giving a new exciting experience in your daily routine. The bike companies nowadays even have launched various models of an electric bike which are more practical to use. If you have been thinking to join the bike to work movement, here we have listed down some excellent reasons why bike to work is worth it.

Boost Your Mood

What the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your daily commute? Being stuck in a traffic jam? Or maybe hours of waiting and hustling to get on public transportation? The morning commute will drain you even before you arrive at your workplace. And we can tell you that when you start your day already tired, you will feel not empowered thus not able to give the best of yourself. In the long run, it can even make you feel demotivated to start your daily activities. It is so different when you’re biking. You get to decide which way to take, and you will not get stuck in a traffic jam. You will arrive at your workplace feeling empowered. That way, you are starting your day with a fresh mind and ready to give the best version of yourself.

Good For Health

Biking is a good exercise for your body. Even though the calories burned is varied between each person,
This is good for people who keep saying that they don’t have the time to exercise. By following the bike to work movement, you will be automatically applied regularly up to five days a week. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Save Your Money

cashNot only biking is excellent is good for your health, but a bike to work will also help in saving your money. Using a bike means you don’t need to pay for gas and toll fee or public transportation fee. Also, a parking fee for the bike is usually a lot cheaper if not free. When you own a car, besides all the maintenance fee, you will also need to pay for a license fee and insurance fee. With a bike, all you need to spend is for bike maintenance which will not cost you a lot.

Also as a bonus point, you can now ditch your gym membership. Imagine paying a large sum of membership fee which you never use. By biking to work, you can enjoy your exercise for free.

Three Essential Things to Do After a Sport Injury

Exercising is vital to your health, but sports injuries do happen, and you have to be prepared for it. For instance, concussion and joint dislocation are common in high school, even in activities that are not directly related to sports like cheerleading and dancing. Minutes after an accident are the most urgent time to treat an injury. Undermining a dislocated joint may lead to a long-term consequence.

Here, we are going to learn three essential things to do after a sports injury. It will be invaluable information if you are a sports enthusiast, coach, or athlete.

Contacting the Nearest Health Services

professional treatment for an injuryBefore you start to jog or cycle around the neighborhood, you have to make sure that you have the contact of the nearest health services, like a clinic or hospital. Such knowledge will not only save yourself but other people’s lives as well.

The same rule applies if you are a participant in neighborhood sport because even a simple game such as street basketball in the back alley may cause a dislocated wrist or ankle. You must not treat dislocation by yourself since the damage may not be visible to external observation. You should reach for a health service that has a physical therapy department and contact their clinic. Going to the big hospital is not always necessary, and thus knowing the right clinics to go can also help you to get an economical treatment.

Obeying the Prescription

treating sprained anklesIf you are prescribed to join a physical therapy, then you should go for it until your doctor says you can stop. Most patients do not take physical treatments seriously, and they think that they are healed once they feel okay. That manner will only cause further damage to the body and another medication expense.

Herbal and the so-called organic treatments are flooding the market these days. You shall not follow a herbalist’s advice because combining two medications at the same time or ditching the doctor’s prescription is not a smart choice. First, those organic supplements are far from side-effect free. If they claim that their products are 100% without side effects, then the products contain no useful ingredients.

Another thing that needs clarification in this context is the chiropractic treatment. It is mainly a spinal manipulation that is believed to be beneficial to the whole body. People with back pain usually come to chiropractic therapists instead of doctors. However, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, chiropractic does not always work for all people, and its degree of success is still below conventional medication.

Future Prevention

After you experience an injury, you should document the recovery process. The data will be much useful for your relatives and close friends. You can teach them how to treat sports injuries, or you can help them based on your experience. The recovery journal can also remind you not to repeat the same mistake.

Besides the recovery, you can review your active gears too. Some products claim to offer the most optimum protection. If you happened to wear one, but then you got injured anyway, you should let other users know about the quality of the product. Be meticulous with small details of your injury so that you can decrease the injury risk significantly.

Benefits of Fishing for Your Health

When it comes to sports, you would think that fishing has very little impacts on your health. However, you would be wrong when you think that that is true. Like any other sports, fishing is very beneficial for your health.

There is a wide array of different benefits and advantages that you can get from fishing, especially for your health. This sport does not only benefit the health of your body, but it also benefits the health of your mind and soul. Here are some benefits of fishing for your health and wellness:

Full body workout

fishingNot many people realize this, but fishing is actually a full body workout, especially if you use paddle boards. Paddle boards are very fun to use for fishing.

Fishing is a physical activity like any other sports. It exercises your shoulders, arms, legs, back, and core to have the strength it needs when you are ready for the big catch. You will need to trek to your fishing spot, set up, cast off, and wind. That is all a workout for your upper and lower body. It is truly a full body workout.

Promotes immune system

When you go to fish, you will need to do it in the great outdoors where the sun is shining. Sunlight provides your body with vitamin D, even when the skies might be grey. Your body needs vitamin D to help regulate phosphate and calcium in your body so that it keeps your teeth and bones healthy. It also helps to boost your immune system and help your body fight against diseases. The best way to get a top-up of vitamin D is to be outdoors under the sun, and you can do that by fishing.

Improves respiratory and cardiovascular health

reelingFishing outdoors will increase your intake of fresh air. That fresh air is very healthy for your lungs. With the activities that you do in order to catch a fish, you can burn around two hundred calories an hour on average. And with all the work you do to reel in a fish, you will be putting your lungs and your heart to work. Hence, improving respiratory and cardiovascular health.

Reduces stress

Fishing not only improves physical health, but it also improves mental wellness. Fishing is a great activity to do for relaxation. It is a good escape and a good way to unplug. Being near water is a good and proven way to lower anxiety and reduce stress. Plus, being in the great outdoors also improves your concentration.

An Ultimate Guide To Healthy Feet For Sports

As a lover of sports, there is one crucial body part you need to take good care of; The feet. Most sports requires one to use their feet to move from one part of the field to another. They carry the whole body during all the strain of moving up and down and thus will need a lot of attention. There are various ways one can do this, and this publication will cover some.

How to take care of your feet for sports

Wear the right shoes

shoesWhether on the sports field or going to work, putting on the right shoes is one of the best ways to take good care of your feet. As a sports person, you will need to have the feet protected from any injury at all times. Some people have skipped some sports sessions just because they messed with their feet somewhere else. Also, it’s crucial to wear the right sports shoes regarding size, type and particularly the interior finishing.

Regular check by a podiatrist

These feet and ankle professionals have a wide range of knowledge in what affects people’s feet and how to prevent such problems. Therefore, a regular visit to such experts will help the feet remain healthy and fit. They will advise on the best shoes to wear and detect any problem one might have before it develops into something serious.

Choosing the best podiatrist in terms of experience and facilities like scanners will help you to get the best services. In fact, they need to have a specialty in sports podiatry. If you are looking for good such service, consider Perth Podiatrist for the best services.

Taking feet workouts

shoes on skateboardJust like other body parts, the feet needs some exercises to remain feet. The coach or the personal trainer will guide on the best physical exercises to take. The squats, treadmills and elliptical trainers are some of the best to use. One can also opt to jog in various terrain to keep them fit always.

Take a massage and rest

A good feet massage from an expert will help the blood to circulate and keep joints well flexible. You may need a couple every month to keep fit. According to experts, they recommend at least once in a week. On the other hand, one needs to have enough rest on a daily basis. Overworked feet can swell, but this comes back to normal after the rest. The cells will also get a chance to rejuvenate from wear and tear.

Top Reasons To Avoid Substance Abuse

Most people are struggling to quit drug and substance use yet others are being influenced to start by either the peers or others factors. If you have not started any drug abuse, there are numerous reasons why one avoid substance abuse completely. The behavior may be a cause of substance abuse disorder in extreme cases among other adverse effects as this publication will highlight below. As a parent or guardian, it is paramount to guard the kids against indulging in substance abuse. Below are various reasons to avoid the behavior.

Top reasons to avoid substance abuse

Keep diseases at bay

sad manSubstance abuse which includes drug and alcohol abuse is one way to kill yourself faster than many people may think. The substances are full of toxins which affect the organs like lungs, heart, and liver. Thus, abusers are at significant risk to contract cancer and organs failure. Doctors also relate other diseases to this habit like the risk of contracting HIV when sharing the drug injecting accessories.

Enable one to complete education

Most teens and young people are at a risk of dropping from school when the addiction to too high. The substance abuse affects one’s way of thinking and concentrating in schools becomes totally impossible. In fact, most of them may not be able even to make simple decisions about their life. Communities with a high substance abuse have a low literacy level as a result.

Avoid being a burden to others

Parents and guardians bear the biggest burden of substance abuse in the society. People who should be responsible for their lives still rely on their parents for all round support. Instead of moving to your own house and looking for a job when the time is due, one still holds on to their parent’s house for support.

To stay away from crime

coupleThe fruits of crime are death or jail sentence in most cases. Many people who abuse drugs end up in downtown crime to sustain their drug life. In the end, most of them lose their lives or end up in jail. Cutting off a young life in this kind of waste is usually not a good.

To protect your job

Substance abuse will sooner or later have you lose your job. If you would rather keep the job –which should be the case – then keeping off the drugs is the best decisions. Employers can no longer keep you when it ‘s hard to make any decisions.